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Melanie Carmichael (RW) is a leading fashion designer touted as the next big thing. She has been proposed by Andrew Hennings (PD), the son of NY's mayor and the next big thing in American politics. She wants him to keep the engagement private but the same night it is all over the press. Why? Well, because there is one problem - she isn't divorced yet.

A long time back, when she was in high school in Alabama, she got pregnant and married Jake Perry (JL), the same loser who got her pregnant. They had been friends since ever, and everyone around their small town knew each other. It was all good when one day due to Jake's mistake, she left him and went to NY. That was seven years back. For seven years she's been trying to get a divorce from him but he keeps sending the papers back. He still loves her and is working hard on a business so that he is able to gain some kind of a standing and win her back. She doesn't know any of it and tries all kinds of tricks to get a divorce. Finally, when she insults his friends (their common friends) he gives up and signs.

Preparations for the marriage are on in the small town in Alabama. What's going to happen next?

Rating: Green - A must watch - for all the small town sweetness.

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