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K (JA) is a cigarette addict. Annie/Anjali (AT) (his wife cum secretary) decides to leave him if he doesn't stop smoking. His friend Abbas Tyrewala (RS) suggests him to go to 'PrayogShala' to get rid of the addiction. What he does not tell him is that he is sending him as a reference so that he can get his fingers back.

PrayogShala, headed by Bangali Baba's Shishya (PR), is an elusive organisation run by Burqa clad women and lala-type men. It even has a call center of its own. They have a simple way of ridding people of their habit of smoking - to destroy their lives if they don't stop. Locking their family members in smoke-filled rooms, cutting their fingers, killing their family members.

But there is more than what comes to the eye. The points listed above are basically ways of bringing the conflict between the persons Antaratma and his conscious existence in a tangible form.

Watch this off-beat film to find out more.

Rating: Yellow - The story of this film is what you see, not what the director shows. And therein lies the beauty of this film. This is an off-beat film and therefore, may not be liked by everyone. Not interesting enough for a second watch but can be tolerated. Most of my friends who saw this movie were not even able to understand the story, and these people are students of one of the top B-Schools in the country. So need I say more about the kind of intellect required to understand this movie. Was I able to understand? Well, I'm still figuring out..

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