Shaurya: It Takes Courage to Make Right... Right >> Review and Trailer

Javed Khan (DD) is a bright and brave army man. One of those whose entire families have dreamt of serving the country. He is labelled as a traitor and arrested for the murder of his senior Rathore.

Maj. Siddhant Chaudhary (RB) is a 'chill-pill' guy who is in the army for a short while and is not at all serious about it. He is appointed as the defence lawyer for Javed Khan and from thereon his life takes a turn as he realises what some people are up to under the garb of the army uniform.

Rating: Green - This movie is not perfect. It is not a classic by any means. No development of characters and unnecessary diversions like the friendship between Siddhant and Akash. But the story and the sheer pace along with Menon's acting get a green for this movie.

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