The Guns of Navarone >> Review and Trailer

Capt. Keith Mallory's (GP) leave is cancelled and he is called upon to be the lead climber in a team of six. The team's job is to destroy the German guns at Navarone which have been wreaking havoc for the allied naval forces. The guns are so strong that they can destroy entire ships. Two thousand British soldiers are stranded on an island in the vicinity of Navarone and the allied ships are being sent to rescue them before the Germans attack the island in one week. That's all the time the team has. All other options have been exhausted. So they set out on this near impossible mission.

Things start going wrong with there being internal differences in the team. Major Roy Franklin (AQ), who is leading the team gets injured. Keith takes charge. There are several problems ahead and one of them is a traitor. Will they succeed in completing the job?

Rating: Green - one of the most gripping adventure movies that I've seen lately.

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