¿Quién dice que es fácil? (Who Says It's Easy?) >> Review and Trailer

Aldo is a manager in a car wash who owns a couple of neighbouring flats in a building. He lives in one and rents out the other to earn some money. He is a conservative guy and fussy about everything.

His life changes when Andrea, a freelance photographer, moves in as a tenant. She is a modern, smart girl with a more 'freer' outlook towards life and all related matters. Someone who refuses to follow the norms of the society. She is pregnant, believes in natural medicine and wants to feel her baby being born. 

They fall in love with each other but problems arise when they realise how different they are. Will they manage to stick on? Who says it's easy?(that's the English subtitle)

Rating: Green - an Argentinean movie which I saw in a public screening during Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2009. The movie is so fantastic that I barely realised that I was reading subtitles to know what's going on.

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