The Wrestler >> Review and Trailer

Randy 'The Ram' Robinson (MR) was one of the most famous wrestlers of the world. Now he is past his peak. On weekdays he does odd jobs to earn money and on weekends he plays matches, attends fan-fests and all. His daughter (ERW) hates him. The only friend that he has is a hooker Cassidy/Pam (MT) for whom he is just another customer.

Everything is going fine till one fine day when he has a heart attack. The doctor tells him to retire if he wants to live. That's what he does only to realize that he is as good as dead outside the ring.

What will become of him?

Rating: Yellow - this movie has everything in it for a Green rating. There's just one problem. It is made somewhat like documentaries are made and is really slow, so even though I loved the movie there are others who would simply find it boring.

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