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Christopher Dubois (JVD) wants to get money from somewhere so that he can help the orphan kids with whom he has spent his life lead a better life. So he makes a plan and steals from a gang. But they attack the orphanage. While escaping from there he falls onto a ship, where he is taken hostage and used as a slave. When he is about to be shot the ship is attacked by a group of Pirates. The head of the group Lord Edgar Dobbs (RM) sells Chris to the islanders who live on one of the islands and train in their own form of martial arts.

There he receives training which makes him a brilliant fighter. There he also comes to know about the Ghang-gheng competition between the best fighters of the world in the Lost City. The winner takes home a Dragon made out of pure Gold. The rest is about his quest for that Dragon.

Rating: Yellow - Have you seen Enter the Dragon and Mortal Kombat? This movie is a combination of the two. It lacks the intensity of the first and the quality of the latter.

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