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Henry is at the island taking care of the aquatic life there. One day he goes to this restaurant and sees a girl and love happens at first sight. He starts a conversation with her (Lucy) and they almost go on their first date.

Well she has to go pick a pineapple with her dad for his birthday as per the Indian customs. So she promises to meet him at the same restaurant for breakfast the next day. The next day he sees her in the restaurant and walks up to her, but she does not recognize him any more. The owner of the restaurant, who was a good friend of Lucy's mother, pulls him outside and tells him about Lucy.

That she had met with an accident about a year ago, because of which she suffered a short term memory loss. She has been living the same day, the day after her accident for the past year, day after day. She tells him how her father and brother have sacrificed their lives to take care of her.

This is a story of how Henry gains the trust of Lucy's family. And how he transforms her life. And goes on to marry her and settle down with her.

Rating: Green - a well-made movie. Must Watch!

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