My Super Ex-Girlfriend >> Review and Trailer

A piece of rock falls from the sky. Girl (Jenny) touches it and becomes Super Girl (G Girl). She saves the world with her superpowers while living a second life as a normal girl next door. The problem is she does not have anyone whom she can trust.

Even though there is Prof who has been in love with her since the time when she was just a normal girl, because of some misunderstanding both of them have come to hate each other.

In between she meets a guy who tries to impress her by trying to help her out. They have an affair. Everything is going fine when jealousy sets in. Guy realizes that he is in love with Hannah, his co-worker, who has now broken up with her model-boyfriend, whom she caught in bed with a whole group of girls. SuperGirl goes crazy and tries to ruin his life. Guy teams up with Prof and schemes to get SuperGirl to a piece of rock which will drain her of her powers.

Will they succeed?

Rating: Yellow - Worth a watch. Classic Time Pass.

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