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Kaju has come to India to search for her roots, her parents as told by Keya, her mom died in an epidemic in a village in 1985, the entire village, she said, got wiped out. As Kaju closes in on her roots she found out that her family was one of the several families who were destroyed (killed or separated) in the 1984 Hindu-Sikh riots.

She believes that an auto driver who was a local goon in his youth and who murdered several people during the riots is her father... is she the daughter of a goon, a murderer?

Rating: Green - a well made movie about the riots. Negligible explicit scenes (unlike the cheap Bollywood movies which try to sell on such horror content). It's all about a daughter who is trying to find out the true identities of her parents.

The movie is absolutely serious, it is well made and the actors are all good. Though somehow it is not made well enough to invoke some kind of a strong anti-riot feeling in you.

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