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A girl from the Royal Family, Sophie. falls in love with the Cabinet Maker's son. The boy was no ordinary boy. He was a budding magician. As the world has it, the two were separated. The boy leaves everything and starts travelling to learn the secrets, the mysteries.

By the time he returns to Vienna he is a master illusionist, Eisenham. The two meet and the fire rekindles. But Sophie is about to get engaged to the crown prince who plans to overthrow his father and become the Emperor. In the chaos that is created Sophie is murdered by the Crown Prince.

Will the magician be able to take revenge for his love's death?

Rating: Green - There are movies and there are movies, and then there is The Illusionist. A class apart. Something not even close to anything that I've seen before. The movie is based on the book 'Eisenham - The Illusionist'.

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