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The Devil locates men in need, and gives them what they desire, in turn he makes them sign a contract. The contract of becoming a Ghost Rider. The contract says that the Ghost Rider will destroy a thousand evil souls.

Johnny Blaze and his father, both are stunt bikers. His father has cancer. The devil makes him sign the contract, in turn he cures his dad's cancer. But the next day he kills him. He tells Johnny to leave his friends, family, love otherwise they would all be killed. In fear Johnny leaves them all, including his love Roxanne.

Years pass by, he becomes the greatest Stunt Biker ever, achieving feats no one has achieved. He's pushing the limit to see if its him doing it or is it the Devil's power. Then he meets Roxanne again, he takes it as a sign that it is indeed him. Just as their relationship started, the fateful day has come.

The son of Devil, challenges his father, Mephistopheles. He wants to get the contract. Which as legend has it, was buried by the last Ghost Rider in his grave. This would give him immense power and strength.

Blaze has to stop him. Will he succeed?

Rating: Green - Well made movie. A different kind of Super Hero or Anti Hero is it? Worth a watch.

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