The Lake House >> Review and Trailer

The lakehouse was designed by an interior designer for himself and his family. After they split he lived there with his son. Outside the lakehouse there is a mailbox. A mailbox which acts as a bridge across time for the hero and the heroine. The hero is the interior designer's son, who himself has become an interior designer. The heroine is a doctor. Whatever the hero puts in the mailbox the heroine gets two years in the future and vice-a versa. With time the two fall in love with each other.

Then they make a plan to meet. The heroine waits but the hero does not come. They break up. Later on the heroine finds out that the hero had died on his way to the restaurant.

Will they be able to meet eventually?

Rating: Green - a well made movie, must watch for those who like mushy movies. Don't think too much about the fast forwarding and rewinding that is happening, because you'll find logical errors.

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