The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor >> Review and Trailer

2000 years ago the Han Emperor had defeated all his enemies to take control of the whole of china. The only enemy left undefeated was death. Soon he came to know about a sorceress who supposedly knew about the secret to immortality. The king fell for the sorceress at the first sight. She wasn't aware of the secret but she knew where to find it.

As she found the secret, she fell in love with Ming, the Emperor's friend and ally. The Emperor went back on his promise to let the two marry, sensing this earlier she had cursed the emperor. Ming was murdered and she too was attacked. The Emperor and his entire army turned to clay.

2000 years later, Alex the son of the O'Connells finds the tomb of the Emperor. The O' Connells are tricked by the Chinese general into awakening the mummy. The Emperor goes on to become immortal and then raise his army.

Will he be laid to rest again?

Rating: Yellow - The movie looks like a remake of Mummy 2. Though I liked this more than Mummy 2, most of the people I spoke to say the other one is better. Anyhow, worth a watch.

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