Singh is Kinng >> Review and Trailer

Happy Singh is a young lad - good at heart but always getting in trouble while trying to help out people, ending up doing more harm than good. LakhanPal Singh a.k.a Lucky, a guy from the same village, went to Australia in search of work, but ended up becoming the don. One fine day the news of an attack on him is printed in the local newspaper. The villagers scheme and use the high emotionality of Happy to send him to get Luccky back.

What follows is total chaos, as Happy Singh becomes the king.

Rating: Yellow - Any comic movie with any kind of religious references (cheap ones) is not my taste. I avoided this movie for quite some time. Finally, giving in to the temptation of knowing what made this movie the number one grosser internationally. Did I find something. . . no. It's a sweet movie about a good-at-heart idiot becoming XYZ owing to the circumstances. The songs are not worth wasting your time upon.

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