The Talented Mr. Ripley >> Review and Trailer

A rich father's son, Dickie, goes to Europe. He's writing a book and has absolutely no intention of going back. The father sends Thomas Ripley to Italy, to get his son back. Tom is a multi-talented person, he can mimic, copy signatures, play piano, sing and what not. He agrees to go only because of his desire to tour Europe. Tom finds Dickie, befriends him and his fiancé, Marsha, and starts living with them. He tells Dickie the real reason for his trip which brings them closer, they start visiting, playing and singing at various clubs in Italy.

While Tom falls in love with Marsha, Dickie is having extra-marital affairs. This results in an argument that ultimately results in the murder of Dickie by Tom. Using his talents Tom assumes the life of Dickie. He uses Dickie's money to set a life. But things get complicated, he tries to get away but wherever he goes, he meets people who know both him and Dickie. 

Will Tom loose himself in getting out of this mess, or does he even manage to get out of it?

Rating: Green - a well made movie. Serious, Slow. A classic in itself.

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