The Game Plan >> Review and Trailer

Joe Kingman is the biggest football superstar ever - and he has the perks (read money and women) that come with it. What also comes with it are surprises - kids you don't know you fathered! Peyton is his daughter. Once he comes to believe this is true, he makes an attempt at parenting. While he fails, she succeeds - and just like little girls do - she has everyone, Joe and his entire team, dancing on her fingertips.

But just as everything seemed to settle down, Peyton has a near death experience. The next thing we know - her mother died a year back, and her mother's sister who's taking care of her, does not believe Joe is capable of taking care of her. Joe also has the biggest match of his career lined up soon.

What will become of him, and their relationship?

Rating: Green - an awesome comic movie - very different, very nice! Watch it for all the cuteness the little girl brings.

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