Transformers: Age of Extinction >> Review and Trailer

Humans have betrayed Autobots - CIA has teamed up with Lockdown, a cybertronian bounty hunter, and are together hunting them down one by one. However, Cade Yeager, an inventor, accidentally saves Optimus Prime, who had been fatally injured, after he thought OP was an old truck. But CIA attacks them.

They are on the run when they figure out that a technology magnate named Joshua Joyce, is working on a secret project and has accidentally revived Megatron - now known as Galvatron, who now plans to plant 'the seed' on Earth - which will turn the entire organic matter over a large area into Transformium - from which more transformers can be created.

With the Autobots all but finished, will Megatron finally succeed in destroying Earth?

Rating: Yellow - another decent time pass in the franchise. The overall story keeps getting more and more interesting with each movie, but it also keeps getting confusing and there seem to be conflicts in several places.

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