Transformers: Dark of the Moon >> Review and Trailer

In the mid-20th century a giant alien warship had crash-landed on the moon. It was the real reason behind the space race between US and Russia - and the secrets were kept hidden from normal people, but now the dark secrets are set to cause doom to planet Earth.

The spaceship was being driven by Sentinel Prime, the leader of auto-bots and teacher of Optimus Prime. It had a secret weapon that could have saved Cybertron. But now, the Decepticons are after it so that they can use it to destroy Earth?

Will the Autobots, along with the few humans who have faith in them, be able to save the planet?

Rating: Yellow - another well-made movie that's a decent timepass. Excellent VG makes it worth a watch, but the story doesn't hook you emotionally. 

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