Watchmen >> Review and Trailer

Watchmen was a group of crime-fighting vigilantes who disbanded after a government crackdown against them. While some of them were killed, others continued to live normal lives, remembering their old days, except Rorschach who is still active.

When one of them, Comedian, is murdered - Rorschach sets out to investigate what is going on, but ends up trapped in prison.

The world is in danger. Will all of them be able to come together and save the world?

Rating: Yellow - the movie is beautifully shot, the special effects are best in class - and as dark and gory as any of the DC works. But the overall story and screenplay is a big letdown - there is no depth in character of the superheroes at all, except Rorschach. For that matter, not even sure what the distinctive powers of half of the superheroes are!

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