The Flowers Of War >> Review and Trailer

Sometime during the second Sino-Japanese War, the city of Nanjing is under attack. John Miller is there to bury the dead priest of a catholic church - when he finds that he's ended up the protector of the young students of the convent for girls that the priest was running, and a group of prostitutes.

The Japanese army surrounds the church - while they do not kill someone, they invite the girls for a performance to sing at their party. Everyone understands what the Japanese really want.

Will John be able to save the girls, and the prostitutes?

Rating: Gold - a war movie that is not about the fighting, but about how the life of the civilians is affected by war. And, how ordinary citizens have to rise and become heroes to protect those around them - often completely unexpectedly. A must watch!

PS: While the movie is well made. Please don't take the events too seriously - could well be propaganda material.

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