Newton >> Review and trailer

Newton Kumar is a new government clerk who ends up in a small village in a jungle somewhere in the Naxal-infested central India, when the person originally entrusted with the job backs out due to fear.

The Naxals have called an election boycott, but his job is to make the election happen. However, soon he realizes that the biggest difficulty is not the Naxals but the bureaucratic system - no one but him feels committed to make the election happen.

That is until a foreign correspondent lands up in the jungle to cover the election. Will he manage to use this stroke of luck to turn things in his favor and achieve a good turnout in the election?

Rating: Green - an unusual story, well executed! As someone who has read about and seen enough of the bureaucratic system in India, I feel there was scope to do a lot more - but, probably for the sake of story-telling the team behind the movie decided to keep it simple - after all, even this might be too much for the general audience to understand.

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