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Devi and her boyfriend are about to make out for the first time, when there is a police raid on the hotel. They accuse her of being a prostitute, and make a video of her half nude - the boy meanwhile get extremely scared and commits suicide. The inspector Sadhya starts blackmailing her father Vidyadhar Pathak for money using the video. Her father is a poor priest on the banks of the Ganges with limited income.

Deepak was born and has been brought up close to the same bank. He is studying to get out of the miserable life of a lower caste. However, he has fallen in love with Shaalu, an upper caste girl - things are complicated.

Will Devi, Deepak and Vidyadhar manage to get out of the mess their life is in?

Rating: Green - a rare gem from Bollywood! This movie is a must watch if you are looking for genuine, serious story telling! A note of caution though - the movie is very very serious - probably, the only thing preventing it from getting a gold!

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