Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho >> Review and trailer

Sualal is the head of a village in Haryana, India. His buffalo has just won the Miss Tanakpur pageant. Maya is his wife - the young wife of an old man, an evil old man who tortures her.

Arjun is her only friend. He is aspiring to be a police officer. Sualal suspects there is an affair between them. One day while Arjun was applying medicine on Maya's back, Sualal along with his men catches him - and his misconception is validated.

Thereafter, they thrash him, and allege that he has raped Miss Tanakpur, the buffalo. Due to this Arjun's entire life is destroyed.

Will he be able to get his life back?

Rating: Green - an unusual story, a satire based on the realities of the hinterlands of India!

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