Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End >> Review and trailer

After Norrington handed over the heart of Davy Jones to Lord Beckett, Beckett used Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman to free to world of piracy. Now, it is time for the Pirates to put up their last stand - and the pirates are planning to unleash Calypso, the sea goddess upon the enemy. But, for this they need Jack Sparrow back - Elizabeth, Will and the crew set out on a journey to the end of the world to get Jack and the Black Pearl under the captain-ship of Barbossa, who has been brought back from the dead.

Will they succeed in getting Jack back? Will they all together succeed in ending the attack by Lord Beckett and Davy Jones?

Rating: Green - another well-made movie with awesome action scenes, great visuals and excellent acting. Not as good as the previous ones - but still worth a watch!

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