Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest >> Review and trailer

Will and Elizabeth were about to get married when Lord Cutler Beckett arrives, pulling them apart and sentencing them to be hanged. In exchange for their freedom Will needs to get Jack's compass. Jack agrees to give him the compass if he can get a key for him. While Will is away trying to retrieve the key from Davy Jones, Elizabeth manages to escape and reach Jack - with her help he sets out to find the chest for the key.

For in that chesst lies the heart of Davy Jones, and Jack can use it as leverage to get out of his commitment of giving his soul and serving on Davy's ship for a hundred years. But will they manage to find the chest and key in time to manage to save Jack?

Rating: Green - another well-made movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series! Fast-paced with amazing visuals and great acting - just as the previous one! But this is where the story begins to get convoluted, and perhaps illogical. But the movie is still very much a must watch!

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