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Hafez Aladeen is the evil but dumb tyrant of the republic of Wadiya. For all the bad things about him - there's one good thing - he's holding on the promise he made to his father, that he will never allow the oil of Wadiya be sold to the foreigners.

When Aladeen is on a trip to New York to address the UN assembly's concerns about his country's nuclear program, the chiefs of the oil companies arrange for him to be replaced by an impostor. This lands him in an unusual situation of a commoner. He is helped by Zoey, an environmental activist who is incidentally protesting against him but doesn't recognize him.

Will he be able to get back what is rightfully his? Will he be able to protect Wadiya?

Rating: Green - a satirical comedy about the US attacks and political manipulations in the middle east and African countries. Fun watch - must watch!

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