Doctor Strange >> Review and trailer

Doctor Stephen Strange is the most talented neurosurgeon on the planet - he picks the most difficult of cases and treats them, and has a 100% success rate. But he meets with an accident which destroys the fine muscles of his hand, leaving him incapable of performing surgeries. He is left broken, and tries everything possible - but nothing works.

Then he comes to know of one of the impossible cases who was treated by a mystical guru somewhere in the Himalayas. He finds the guru who first rejects him for his arrogance, but then accepts his for his perseverance. From her he learns the mystical arts that open him to the metaphysical realities, normal people are not aware of. But with it comes the responsibility of saving the world from the dark forces.

After the guru dies in a fight with one of her former disciples, it is upon Strange to protect the world. Will he succeed?

Rating: Green - one of the best movies in the Marvel series - a superhero whose power is not physical but magical! Awesome acting by Cumberbatch, as expected.

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