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Leonidas, the king of Sparta, has turned down the offer of Xerxes to submit and follow his orders. Now, Sparta is looking at war with the mighty Persian Army. And, the governing council of Sparta has refused to go against the Oracle and wage war.

With no other choice left Leonidas sets out with 300 of his best men to wage war at a place of his choice - a narrow gateway where they can block the Persians. Meanwhile, Queen Gorgo tries to convince the council that they must support her husband in war.

Will the 300 manage to save Sparta? Will Gorgo manage to save the 300?

Rating: Yellow - a gory blood-fest based on the legendary battle of Thermopylae. Well made but extremely violent and not much of a story or character development. If you like the genre of bloody war movies you would love it!

PS: You would have to excuse the Greek king with the Scottish accent, and the historical inaccuracies!

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