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Mission Specialist Dr. Ryan Stone, Shariff and Mission Commander Matt Kowalski are out there in the space with the other crew for a routine experimental project. While they are outside their ship fixing the equipment a catastrophe happens - a rogue Russian missile accidentally blows up its own satellite.

The pieces of the satellite are now in space travelling faster than bullets destroying everything that is coming in their way - all humans in space have been asked to evacuate their bases and come back to Earth, including the ISS. But before Ryan, Shariff and Matt could respond they are hit. Shariff is killed, the entire crew in the ship is killed, while Ryan and Matt are out there in the space in space suits.

Will they manage to survive and find their way back to Earth?

Rating: Green - a very different kind of movie that takes you to a totally different place and slows down things for a while! Amazing acting by George and  Sandra. Must watch!

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