V for Vendetta >> Review and trailer

Evey works for BTN, the state backed news channel in the near future - a time when Britain is ruled by a tyrannical 'high-chancellor' who has captured power by using fear as his primary weapon, and continues to wield the weapon to stay in power. Once while Evey is out at night after curfew, she's attacked but is saved by V. V is incidentally leading the revolution from behind a Guy Fawkes mask, and is planning a major attack on the state.

When V attacks the BTN building and is about to be caught Evey saves him to payback. V sensing Evey might be in danger because of her act, takes her with him.

With Evey's help can V get freedom for the people of Britain?

Rating: Green - an excellent movie about a dystopic future - keeps you interested right till the end!

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