Pawn Sacrifice

Bobby Fischer, a young boy from Brooklyn becomes the youngest grandmaster in the world. The eyes are now set on him - the cold war is on, and the Soviets are the dominant force in Chess - will he be able to beat them and salvage some pride for the Americans?

Wait... it is not that easy... beyond the game, he has to cope up with his own issues... diagnosed with paranoia and delusional psychosis, his behavior is becoming more and more eccentric and erratic by the day. Will he be able to even survive to win?

Rating: Yellow - a well-made movie that keeps you gripped onto it till the very end. The game scenes and acting are great. 

Even though it is based on the real life story of the maverick chess player Bobby Fischer, there is just too much of 'Hail America' and a not so respectful treatment of psychological disorders. If these issues were not there, this movie could have potentially ended up with a gold!

PS: As with all 'real-life' stories, this movie can also be expected to have factual inaccuracies, specially considering the important theme of internal struggles. 

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