Human activity has caused the polar ice caps to melt, as a result of which the entire world is submerged underwater now. Science and civilization has been replaced by tribe like settlements, lone drifters and outlawed 'smokers.'

A mutated mariner is looking to trade precious dirt to get some pure hydro. However, when people realize he is a mutant they sentence him to death. He is saved by Helen, on the condition that he will help her and her little girl Enola escape and reach the mythical dry land.

What he didn't know was that dry land is not mythical, and Enola has the map of the place tattooed on her back, but people haven't been able to read it. And, that everyone knows it including the smokers who are out to attack them.

Will he be able to save Helen, Enola and himself, and find dry land?

Rating: Yellow - an excellent concept, with some marvelous scenes, some even executed very well. But overall the movie needed greater pace and drama - it feels like a boring documentary from the past with plenty of loose strings in the story, than the fantasy action film it had the potential to be. 

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