Amy - All she wanted was a little love


Amy's parents separated when she was 9. With no 'authority figure' to look up to, it didn't take long for her to get deep into nasty habits - drinking, drugs and so on.

But there was magic inside of her - the magic of creating songs with deep feelings, with pain, and making them alive - giving them a soul - with her voice.

All she wanted to do was to sing to express, but her talent brought her success, awards - and with it all the unwanted effects. The success that people dreamed of - she didn't want - it was killing her.

A controlling boyfriend, success-savvy father, bulimia, drugs, alcohol, and press... will she be able to survive it all?

Rating: Green - an amazing documentary about Amy Winehouse - who many counted as one of the best Jazz voices of all time when she had barely crossed her teenage years.

PS: Even though this isn't a commercially 'adapted for cinematic purposes' story - like all biographical movies this might also have errors, biases and extrapolations.

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