Seven Years in Tibet - An Austrian prison escapee develops a special friendship with the Dalai Lama

Heinrich Harrer is an Austrian mountain climber who leaves his pregnant wife behind for a mountaineering mission. But ends up in prison in British India as the second World War has started.

In spite of being an egotistical loner, he agrees to work with other prisoners on a plan to escape after seeing that as his only hope of getting out. He succeeds. And ends up in Lhasa, Tibet. And, before he knows he is in front of the holy Dalai Lama, who at this time, is just a child.

As time passes they develop a special friendship, both learning from each other. As Tibet is in increasing danger of a Chinese attack, will Heinrich choose to be with his friend or be selfish ?

Rating: Green - an unusually interesting biographical that covers the development of this unique cross-cultural friendship in a captivating way.

Watch this to learn more about Buddhism, History of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, and what friendships are all about.

PS: Though based on a book by Harrer himself, it would be safe to assume that there are factual inaccuracies in the movie.

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