Hellboy II: The Golden Army >> Believe It or Not! He's the Good Guy!

A long long time ago there was a mega-war on Earth... magical creatures vs. Humans. Facing defeat, Balor, the King of the Elves, accepts the offer of the Goblins to build an indestructible Golden Army, which can only be controlled by someone of royal birth.

The army destroys the Humans but leaves Balor with a sense of guilt which prompts him to accept truce with the humans - on the condition that humans stick to the cities, while the magical creatures stick to the jungles.

But Humans have forgotten all about the truce, and are out destroying jungles and converting them into cities, while the magical creatures have to live in hiding in the cities. Nuada, the prince of the elves, has come back to avenge this - by waking the Golden Army from sleep.

All hope of humans lies in the super-powered members of the super-secret BPRD - Hellboy, Liz, Abe and Johann - will they be able to save humans from annihilation?

Rating: Green - imaginative visuals, endearing super-heroes, amazing action and stellar acting. What else do you want from a fantasy action super-hero film?

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