The Lunchbox: All she wanted was her husband's love...

Ila prepares a special recipe hoping that tasty food might help get her disinterested husband back to her. But the otherwise perfect dabbawala system of Mumbai errs, and the dabba ends up on the table of Saajan Fernandes.

About to retire, all Saajan wants is to peacefully pass the remaining days, and then shift to a quieter town. But he has to handover to a rather excited new comer Shaikh, who has a lot of ground to cover up, and Saajan has no interest in training him.

Meanwhile, as the wrong delivery continues, a conversation starts between Ila and Saajan where the two share their feelings and issues. They plan to meet - but Saajan sees the pretty young woman, and decides to ditch her fearing she might reject him.

What will happen now - will they meet?

Rating: Green - an unusual story, told well. Supported by great acting from both Irrfan and Nimrat. Must watch!

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