The Irishman: I Hear You Paint Houses

Frank Sheeran lands in the US as a young Irishman doing small time jobs to survive. He gets an opportunity to join a gang thanks to Russell Buffalino, and grows fast thanks majorly to Jimmy Hoffa, who becomes a very close friend.

However, things get murky as they often happen in the world of crime. And, guns are pointed at each other. Jimmy needs to back down, otherwise the others intend to get him silenced.

And, it all depends on Frank now, if he can't make Jimmy calm down, he will have to silence him. What will happen now?

Rating: Yellow - lengthy, occasionally boring, done and dusted gangster betrayal plot, the only saving grace is some amazing acting! Not really worth the time - if it was shorter I would have recommended you to watch.

PS: Like all biographical movies, there would be plenty of creative exceptions taken at different places. So don't take the story to heart.

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