Undisputed - At Sweetwater Prison, the World Heavyweight Champion is about to meet his match

Monroe Hutchen was a major prospect in the boxing world. But killing the man his wife was cheating with, landed him in prison for good. In prison, he did origami to spend time, and boxing to earn respect - he is the undisputed champion inside!

George 'Iceman' Chambers is the World Heavyweight Champion. The undisputed champion outside! He lands in prison on dubious charges of rape - he is frustrated, and angry.

The prison boxing mafia sense an opportunity to mint gold - they offer George the opportunity to get out of prison if he fights Monroe. Will he? And, who will win - to emerge as the real undisputed champion?

Rating: Green - I loved the plot. The agony that two men who didn't do wrong had to go through - one has made peace with the fact that his world his finished, and accepted prison as his new world. The other is fighting to save his world. Great acting on top of this all, makes this a must watch.

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