Chappie: Humanity's Last Hope Isn't Human

Deon Wilson is a genius robot scientist working with Tetravaal who has devised a way to infuse consciousness into robots, but he needs a robot to test it on. For this, he steals a discarded police droid set for destruction, from his office facility.

While on his way home, he is kidnapped by a band of criminals who ask him to program the robot to perform heists with them.

But, Deon cleverly programs him with his code - the robot awakens - like a baby - that can think, and feel. Yo-Landi names him Chappie. He is still learning - Deon trying to turn him into a good boy, while the criminals trying to turn him into a criminal.

Meanwhile, Deon's colleague, military veteran Vincent Moore discovers what is going on, and sees it as an opportunity to get his evil plan going, to get approval for launching program Moose - his ultra-powerful robots, and take over the world.

Will Deon, Chappie and the rest of the group manage to save the world from Vincent's evil plans?

Rating: Green - a unique concept, extremely well executed. Even though Chappie does not look like a baby from any angle, you can feel his feelings - the innocence, the pain, the hurt, the anger... just exceptional work!

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