PK: An Alien Struggles to Make Sense of Humans and their Superstitions

An alien is sent to the Earth to understand its ways. He ends up getting entangled in the worldly ways - the customs, rituals, and superstitions. He was robbed off his pendant which was the remote control of his ship - and he needs it back, to signal he is ready to return.

Jaggu is an aspiring journalist in search of a story, who comes across PK, as he had been named, when he is distributing pamphlets. She believes his story, and is determined to help him.

However, the pendant has been picked up by a religious guru, who is showing it off as a magical stone - his great achievement proving his direct link to god.

Will PK manage to retrieve the remote, and get back home?

Rating: Yellow, an interesting fun story. If it was made a bit more seriously, might have been better. But, perhaps then the satire would've been difficult for the people to handle. Worth a watch, nevertheless!

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