Maleficent: Is her Love stronger than her Curse?

Maleficent was a pure-hearted young fairy, who also fights with the magical creatures against an invading army that is out to conquer the magical land.

The King who lost promises to highly reward anyone who could kill her. In his greed, her lover betrays her, but instead of killing, he cuts and takes her wings as evidence.

She is left heart broken.

When her lover, who is now the King, after marrying the princess as a reward is having a ceremony for his baby, Maleficent appears and curses the young Princess Aurora.

She keeps an eye on her as she grows, and just falls in love with her. However, she can't revoke her curse.

Will Aurora go to permanent sleep after she turns 16? Or will someone be able to save her?

Rating: Green - a wonderful fantasy film! Great acting, great visuals, and most importantly a superb fantasy land!

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