Pacific Rim: Go Big Or Go Extinct

Giant monsters called Kaijus rise from the sea at periodic intervals and attack humans. This has been going on for years. To fight them humans have created Jaegars - monstrous robots. These are controlled by two pilots whose minds are locked in a 'neural bridge.'

But humans are at the brink of losing, and are putting all their resources at the war-front.

Charlie Hunnam is a former pilot, one of the best, who survived a Kaiju attack in which his partner was killed, while they were still linked - thus, he felt all the pain. He is the only one who can ride the old generation Jaegar.

He is called back to come and fight, and save humanity. Will he come? Will he be able to save humanity?

Rating: Green - a very well-made movie. I have never played the game so had no expectations. Really enjoyed it. Keeps you completely at the edge of the seat, and the twists in the climax are pure brilliant!

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