Parasite: Act Like You Own The Place

The Kims, Ki-Taek, Chung-Sook, Ki-Woo and Ki-Jung are a poor family - living in a basement in a poor neighbourhood. They do odd jobs together to survive - often scamming the people. 

The Parks are a rich family - living in a lavish villa in an upscale neighbourhood. Husband is a tech-preneur, wife a house-wife, and children in school.

Ki-Woo lands a job in the park family thanks to his friend, and a certificate forged using Ki-Jung's exceptional artistic skills. Then another lie helps to get his sister a job with the family.

Then a trick helps them get the driver sacked, and get Ki-Taek placed instead. And, finally, they manage to get the trusted housemaid sacked, and instead get Chung-Sook employed there.

But, how long will this scam run? Will they get caught?

Rating: Green - a masterful story - a satirical take on the modern society that continues to be divided into the haves and the have-nots. Even with sub-titles, this movie is a must-watch!

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