Aquaman: Home is Calling

Atlanna, the princess of the underwater Kingdom Atlantis, runs away to escape her arranged marriage. She ends up on land and falls in love with a lighthouse caretaker. Together they have a son, Arthur.

But, when they are attacked by Atlantian guards, she returns to Atlantis. After that she never comes back. News later comes that she was forced to marry there, bear a child, and then, when the Atlantians come to know of her human relation, she was banished to a place from where no-one comes back.

Arthur, being the elder of her children, is the heir to the throne. But, he has no interest in it, and lives on land with his father, and commits himself to protecting the sea.

But, trouble is brewing in Atlantis. His half-brother has joined with the other kings to attack humans and punish them for destruction of the oceans. 

The only way to stop it is if Arthur can defeat his half-brother and prove himself worthy of the throne. And, then as the king, stop the war. 

Will he succeed?

Rating: Green - I loved the movie. A world of fantasy, constructed fantastically. Very believable and logical. I would suggest you to watch it!

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