Shazam: Just Say The Word

Wizard Shazam, the wielder of super powers, is looking for a champion for good. 

Thaddeus is tested by Shazam, but rejected as he is drawn by the seven deadly sins. He, however, is now living with just one purpose - to become super-powerful. He finds the key to the door behind which lies the magical 'lair,' defeats the wizard, and gets the power of the seven sins.

The Wizard selects Billy Batson, an orphan as his champion, and immediately passes away. Billy, is still trying to understand what his superpowers are with the help of his new found friend, and foster brother, Freddy.

But, even before he can fully understand his powers Billy is attacked by Thaddeus, who wants Billy to transfer all his powers to him.

Will Billy manage to survive?

Rating: Yellow - the movie is decent, and fun. But, some parts are 'Spidermanish' in the sense that they feel immature and childish. And, also stupid - so all these years the wizard took the test of everyone, and everyone failed. And, Billy is selected without a test! How do we know he deserved it?

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