Mad Max: Fury Road - The Future Belongs To The Mad

The world has been completely destroyed by an apocalypse. Immortan Joe is the god of the people, and controls all assets, including the most precious of them all - water.

Furiosa is the Imperator - the one responsible to transport oil safely in a huge armored oil rig. Max, who lost his wife and child in the chaos, has been captured by Joe's worshippers, and is being used as a 'blood bag.'

Furiosa goes the fugitive way, she helps the young captive wives of Immortan Joe to escape, and is on a journey to the 'Green Place,' her homeland, from where she was stolen.

She is being chased by the armies of Immortan Joe and his allies. Max somehow ends up with her in her truck, and they join hands. 

Will they manage to escape? 

Rating: Green - this movie is just a crazy high intensity car chase, but completely worth the time. One of the best high speed chase movies ever made for sure!

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