The Green Lantern: In Brightest Days, In Blackest Nights

Hal Jordan is an ace test pilot, borderline reckless. His life changes when a dying alien tells him that he has been chosen by 'The Ring'. He soon finds out that he has been chosen to be a part of the Green Lantern Corps - a super-powered intergalactic police force.

Incidentally, that dying alien was Abin Sur - the best of the core. He was injured while fighting Parallax, the greatest threat that the universe has known. And, the threat is about to attack Earth.

Will Hal be able to protect humanity?

Rating: Yellow - the movie is pretty decent, nowhere near as bad as the jokes go. The only reason why it didn't get the Green (ironical!) rating, is because of the unnecessary waste of time on a weird love story. Perhaps that is why people dislike it too!

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