Drive: There Are No Clean Getaways

A mysterious driver who works as a Hollywood stuntman, and a part-time mechanic, and also a getaway driver is set to fulfill his dream of becoming a race car driver - he has also found an investor.

He falls in love with his new neighbor Irene, and develops a bond with her son. However, when her husband returns from jail, the driver realizes that Irene and her son are in danger as Irene's husband owes money to some gangsters.

To help them he agrees to assist the husband and his gang getaway after a robbery. However, things go terribly wrong - they were setup! Irene's husband is killed, and the driver barely manages to escape with the associate.

Now, he is entangled in a mess. Will he be able to save Irene and her son? Will he be able to fulfill his dream?

Rating: Green - great screenplay, superb acting, awesome action! Keeps you hooked to the end! Must watch! 

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