The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Remember Who The Enemy Is

In a dystopic future, Panem is ruled by a despot. Of the twelve districts while some are doing okay, most are living in abject poverty.

Every year two teenagers - one male, one female - are selected from each district to participate in the voyeuristic hunger games, of these twenty four, only one comes out alive.

Last year Katniss, with her brilliance and skill, managed to do something unprecedented -  she saved herself, and Peeta. However, the authorities have been left displeased, especially, with the revolt that this seems to have fired up in the colonized districts.

To avenge they come up with an ingenious idea. To celebrate the completion of 25 years, two past victors from each of the 12 districts are called in for a special edition of the Hunger Games.

Will Katniss manage to save herself this time - now that she is up against the best of the best?

Rating: Green - a superb follow up to the first movie. Still as engaging, and thrilling!

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